The Headline Rate

My rate is $250 CAD /hr and my clerk’s is $75 CAD/hr.

The Value Proposition

Generally your fees with us will be a lot lower than those of a large law firm even though both of us  have big firm/Bay St. experience. This is because we are able to pass on the benefits of our low overhead costs to our clients.


Depending on the complexity of the assignment, the cost to you will vary. For the purposes of planning your expenses, we are happy to provide you a good faith estimate of how long your assignment is expected to take. The estimate is based on time taken to draft the document, review it with you, and revise it in response to your comments. If you need help with negotiating the content of the document on your behalf with others that will be additional.

The estimate will vary depending on whether we generate a new document for you or use an existing template. Sometimes a how many rounds of revisions are required by you, how much review we do, and how much negotiation assistance (if any) you need. However, in our experience, all said and done, for time spent drafting, reviewing with you, and revising, expect your agreement to cost between $750 and $2500.

Employment agreements can be at the lower end of that range, service agreements in the middle, and Unanimous Shareholders’ Agreements will almost certainly be at the upper end, if not more (again, based on the complexity of the your arrangement and the amount of time spent reviewing and negotiating.)

Every Agreement is Different

Note that the charges vary depending on the complexity of the requirement. An agreement can be 5 lines long or 20 pages long. We have done confidentiality agreements, employment agreements, website terms of use, privacy policies, and contest rules for our clients, and our charges have varied depending on the complexity of the client requirements. We have a duty to act in your best interest even when providing you an estimate and take that duty very seriously.


We may ask you for an upfront retainer that will cover some or all of the cost of your assignment.